Ignite the Secret Empowerment and Firewalk Seminar

Nov.15th Dallas, Tx

Ignite the Secret Empowerment and Firewalk Seminar

Have you ever thought that a goal was too far out of your reach?

Have you ever started a task, but gave up because it was too challenging?

Have you ever been presented with opportunity, but lacked the confidence to seize it?

Have you ever wanted to do more, but just don’t know how?



Ignite the Secret Empowerment and Firewalk Seminar !!!


Get ready to dig deep and pull out the stops of anything that has held you back in life so far. The Attain Any Goal seminar is an experience that you will never forget and you will find within you a whole new person — free of limiting beliefs. You will discover your true power and move beyond any and all limitations. Imagine the “new you” with an elevated level of confidence that will allow you to overcome any circumstance holding you back. This is what Attain Any Goal is all about.

Ignite the Secret Empowerment and Firewalk Seminar is a one day event that encompasses on aspects of:

Overcoming Fears

Identifying Perceived Barriers

Removing Limited Beliefs

Developing Internal Empowerment

Overcoming Obstacles and Barriers

The experience includes an amazing fire build, a strong lighting ceremony, and fire burn and group bonding experience, and ultimately the amazing experience of walking on fire.

This transformative seminar will take you on a journey unlike anything you have experienced in your lifetime. At the conclusion of this seminar, you will emerge as a stronger more confident person – with a degree of clarity previously unrealized. F.I.R.E. has worked hard to ensure that each participant emerges from this experience with the ability to attaining your goals. You will discover a new person within yourself and be poised to move beyond your present limitations and borders – equipped with a whole new outlook on life.


Ignite the Secret Empowerment and Firewalk Seminar is a full day event beginning promptly at 9:00 am and continuing until 10:30 pm.


For additional information contact us at info@womenbuildingwealthglobally.com


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