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Gladiator in a Skirt,

a 60 Day Transformational Gratitude Journal

Gladiators are warriors that fight in the arena of life. Most often we associate Gladiators with the male of the species. This is a book that identifies women entrepreneurs not only as warriors but also Gladiators. This 60-Day transformational journal is a blueprint to encourage female entrepreneurs to work, war, and win. Each day of this transformational journal will equip women to create the mindset of a Gladiator so they can win in life. Begin your 60-day transformation so you too can be victorious!

About the Author Denise Banks

Denise Banks President and Founder of Women Building Wealth Globally An organization whose mission is to empower women to be financially independent. To show women how to not only make a living, but how to live life with purpose. The organization is built on 3 core principles Opportunity, Vision, and Success. WBWG provides workshops, seminars, and conference for both men and women providing tools and resources to help entrepreneurs accelerate in business through peak performance strategies. The organization provides a platform to changing women’s lives through economic, intellectual, and spiritual development.
Denise’s affinity is to educate, empower, and uplift the quality of life for women. To show women how turn their dreams into reality. Denise is a board member for the North Texas Minority Chamber of Commerce and Board Chair for the Women in Position Committee. Denise is also an accomplished Certified Empowerment Coach and Certified FireWalk Instructor with the Firewalking Institute of Research and Education. She is using her unique skills and energetic style to train and provide workshops on Limiting beliefs, Attain Any Goal, and Next Level Mindset. Her certifications in Arrow breaking, board breaks, glass walk, firewalks, and more are key to helping people eliminate negative and limiting beliefs. Providing workshops for corporate, couples in business, and sales teams with team building strategies.
Denise and her husband Brian have a Network distribution business as well as MDN Marketing, which they operate together Denise has worked hand and hand with her husband both in corporate, and as entrepreneurs together in their business, which they partner with billion dollar companies in the telecom, energy, technology, and health/ wellness industry. Working together also compelled the couple to start Facilitating Workshops for couples in business.

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