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  • Looking to inspire your team to take immediate action?
  • Want to get everyone fired up about a project or boost morale?
  • Would you like to produce long-lasting results from your team?


  • You ever feel, “Work would be great if not for the people you work with?” I get it! Working with a team while expecting excellence can be a challenge…
  • Are you a Corporate or Organization Leader, CEO, Manager, or Team Leader wishing to create a cohesive & excellent team?

Denise will deliver a detailed analysis and provide a plan to foster a more cohesive team in a fun and interactive setting.


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Outside of Dallas/Fort Worth, Tx area?  Fees apply for travel or Google Hangout option available!

No matter what a person’s status or level of achievement in business and in life, those who have reached the pinnacle of success do not sit on their laurels once they’ve reached the top. They keep striving for more. The one core characteristic they share is the appetite for more: HUNGER! Invariably, like you, their hunger causes them to seek out the finest resources and best coaches to help them attain—and keep—the edge, so that they not only experience greater levels of achievement for themselves but for those who associate with them. Denise Banks’ speaking approach is chock full of anecdotes, word pictures, and compelling thoughts that his audience will embrace emotionally follow logically. He delivers a message with a game plan that each attendee can begin to use immediately.

Book Denise for your opening keynote and kick off your conference with amazing energy or have him as your closing keynote and send your audience out the door energized and more focused than ever! Either way, your conference will be exciting and successful, your team will love you for it. That we guarantee!

Denise’s inspiring journey will touch the hearts of your audience while challenging them to take control of their own lives and motivate them to do something about it. Denise is one of the most prolific experts on success and business in the world today. He gets to the cause of what is slowing your team and production down or what has caused it to stop — and shows your audience how to overcome their fears to win big! It is in his inspiring and motivating message that will show your people exactly what they need to do to get past procrastination and into action that will get the positive results they are looking for. Your organization will get fired-up, and you’ll look like a hero to your entire team. More importantly, you will continue to see results, long after the conference is over.

Speaker, Author, Networker, Philanthropist

Denise Banks must be booked in advance, so contact 214-799-0105 ask for Mrs Banks’ coordinator, or email to secure your date!

Investment Schedule

60-min Keynote Speech • 1 Full-day Workshop • Keynote & Workshop • Event Master of Ceremonies • Consultant – email event coordinator for fee schedule at


Because Denise’s itinerary can change frequently, booking requires a full-fare, refundable, First Class airline ticket. If we can combine travel between events, we can prorate the costs for you. In addition, the booking client will need to provide accommodations at a four or five-star hotel & luxury ground transportation.


For security purposes, Mrs Banks’ hotel reservations should not be in his name. You may use her event coordinator’s name to book hotel reservations. For events of more than 1,000 people, it is necessary to have security personnel posted and available, especially for international bookings.

There should be access to a green room with bathroom facilities located behind or adjacent to the stage without access to the general public with back stage entrance if possible. Please do not publicly disclose Mrs Banks’ arrival and departure times or air carriers, etc.


You may record Mr. Banks’ presentation on audio or video for internal use in your organization at no charge. However if the recording is to be sold, there is an additional charge of 50% of the speaking fee for audio recordings and 75% of the speaking fee for video recordings. Audience members may take photos of Mrs Banks’ at their leisure, she loves that!

The Power of Denise Banks’ Success System Will Get You And Your Organization the Success it Deserves!

To Denise, it does not matter where you are in your business; his goal is to accelerate a novice professional into an expert and the expert into the position of master. So whether you are just beginning in your business or you have already reached a pinnacle of success-his desire is to provide you with the tools, strategies, and insights necessary to help you create the most competitive and beneficial edge in your business and in life!