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About WBWG

Women Building Wealth Globally

Mission Statement

Women Building Wealth Globally is an alliance network. An organization; with a mission to empower women to be financially independent, by providing opportunities, tools, and resources through education, certifications, and technologies, The WBWG online training institute provides entrepreneurs education to accelerate in business.

The organization provides a platform for changing women’s lives. WBWG host seminars, and conferences with subject matter experts and peak performance strategies to ignite your business. Seminars include Gladiator in a Skirt Networking Strategies, Women in Leadership, Team Building, Mindset, and Finances.
WBWG host weekly and monthly networking meetups, and monthly elevator pitch contest

WBWG’s mission and passion is to show women how to live a life of purpose, passion, and abundance. 

WBWG’s initiative is to promote financial independence for women globally, to uplift, empower, and enhance the quality of life for each and every woman possible, through economic, intellectual, personal, business and spiritual development.

WBWG was built on 3 core principles, Vision, Integrity, and Success. 
We are a sisterhood of independent and aspiring to be independent entrepreneurs. Our passion is to impact lives and create network and organizations of successful women, cultivating and leveraging organic relationships. 
My affinity is to see women transform their lives and to turn dreams into reality.
To teach women how to Connect, Create, Cultivate, and CAPITALIZE

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Food for Thought

“Many of life‟s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up”

Thomas Edison

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