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About our Founder Denise Banks

Denise's newest book

Denise's newest book coming soon

Don’t Settle For Less

Our Consulting Services

I offer a broad application of skills across a diverse range of professional service functions – from training and coaching to project consulting – with a clear focus on supporting public and priviate organisations and objectives.


My training and coaching portfolio is about supporting your success and the success of your organisation.​


Are you planning a workshop, roundtable or conference? I can help design activities that get your people talking, listening and sharing ideas and perspectives. As an external facilitator and moderator I can manage the proceedings professionally and impartially.

Professional Public Speaking

 Denise is a recognized speaker, entrepreneur and author. Denise fires up and empowers professionals of all ages.

Food for Thought

“Many of life‟s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up”

Thomas Edison

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